Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective: January 15, 2020

Berymo App:
At Berymo we want to provide an affordable service to our riders by charging a flat fee to transport from anywhere in 8 miles radius. In this privacy policy, we tell you what information we receive from Berymo riders (“users”) and drivers (“contractors”) and how we use this information to connect riders and drivers to provide an affordable transportation service. Berymo (“app”, “service”) charges a flat fee to transport riders to and from anywhere in an 8 mile radius.

Berymo Places App:
Restaurants or companies who partner with Berymo, Inc. are referred to as Partner Places. At Berymo Places, our mission is to disrupt the rideshare industry by providing free transportation for our users. In this privacy policy, we tell you what information we receive from Berymo Places riders (“users”), drivers (“contractors”), and Partner Places (restaurants), as well as, how we use this information to connect riders and drivers with partner places to provide the highest level of our free service. Berymo Places (“app”, “service”) offers free rides between our partner places (restaurants, etc.) and riders (users). Partner Places pay the riders’ transportation fee if, and only if, the rider(s) check in at their selected place within 120 minutes from driver drop off time AND spends the minimum price assigned by the selected place. If a rider fails to check in within 120 minutes from the drop off time and/or fails to spend the minimum assigned by the selected place, the rider’s credit card will be charged a service fee for failing to comply with Berymo’s Terms of Service.

  1. 1. Introduction
    Berymo Inc. (“Berymo Places App,” “Berymo App,” “we,” “our,” and “us”) values the privacy of individuals who use our application, website, and related services (collectively, the “Berymo Places ”and “Berymo”). This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and share information from riders (“Users”), Berymo drivers (including Driver applicants) (“Drivers”), and Places ("Businesses," "Restaurants") (if “Berymo Places”). Beyond the Privacy Policy, your use of Berymo apps are also subject to our Terms of Service.

  2. 2. Information We Collect

    A. Information You Provide to Us

    • Registration Information. When a user signs up for a Berymo account, the user must provide a first and last name, email address, and phone number.
    • User Profile Information. When a user joins Berymo, the user can create a Berymo profile to share facts about themselves and their favorite partner places (if “Berymo Places”). Filling out this profile information is optional, and users can share this information to their discretion. For safety and authentication, the user’s first name and single letter initial of their last name, as well as, a vivid profile photo are two required components of a user’s profile.
    • Payment Method. When a user adds a credit card or payment method to their Berymo account, a third-party which handles payment verification for Berymo, will receive your card information. To keep our users financial data secure, Berymo does not store full credit card information on our servers.
    • Communication. If a user, driver, or a representative from a partner place contacts (if “Berymo Places”) Berymo directly, Berymo may request additional information to provide adequate assistance pertaining to the given issue. For example, if a user contacts the Rider Support Team, information such as the user’s first and last name, email address, phone number, message content or attachments that are sent to us, and other additional information provided, will be collected and used solely to improve the quality of our assistance.
    • Driver Application Information. When applying to be a Berymo driver, in addition to the necessary registration information, Berymo will request an applicant’s date of birth, physical address, Social Security number, driver's license information, registered vehicle information, registered car insurance information, and in some situations, Berymo may collect additional business license or permitting information. Berymo shares this information with our partners; such as, Checkr, etc., who provide Berymo the service of running background checks on Drivers for the purpose of protecting Berymo riders.
    • Business Web Information. When applying to be a Berymo driver, in addition to the necessary registration information, Berymo will request an applicant’s date of birth, physical address, Social Security number, driver's license information, registered vehicle information, registered car insurance information, and in some situations, Berymo may collect additional business license or permitting information. Berymo shares this information with our partners; such as, Checkr, etc., who provide Berymo the service of running background checks on Drivers for the purpose of protecting Berymo riders.
    • Payment Information. To assure drivers are paid for each ride completed, Berymo stores information regarding Drivers’ bank routing numbers and account numbers, as well as, tax information, and any other payment information provided by drivers. In addition to drivers payment information, Berymo stores information about riders and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) payment information to provide an efficient service for riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”).

    B. Information We Collect When You Use the Berymo Places

    • Location Information. Berymo Places understands the importance of providing the safe and reliable service for riders, financially caring for drivers with competitive pay, and providing our partner places (if “Berymo Places”) with consistent customers (“riders”). To do this accurately and efficiently, Berymo must have access to all three parties (“rider”, “driver”, “partner places”) location. When a user (rider) opens Berymo apps on a mobile device, Berymo receives the users precise location. Berymo may also collect the precise location of a user’s registered device when the app is running in the foreground or background.

      Enabling a user’s location is necessary for particular Berymo apps function; such as, matching riders with nearby drivers, determining drop off and pick up locations. In addition to the reasons described above, a drivers location information and distance traveled is necessary for calculating the estimated time of arrival (ETA for the riders). When enabling Berymo to access your location through your device settings or Berymo apps, Berymo may collect a user’s location while the app is off to identify promotions or service updates in your area.
    • Device Information. Berymo receives information from riders devices, including IP address, web browser type, mobile operating system version, phone carrier and manufacturer, application installations, device identifiers, push notification tokens. Berymo collects mobile sensor data from driver’s devices (such as speed, direction, elevation, acceleration or deceleration) to improve location accuracy and analyze usage patterns.
    • Usage Information. To help Berymo better understand how users operate Berymo apps and to help Berymo improve app functionalities, Berymo automatically receives information about user interactions with the Berymo apps, like pages or other content users view, users actions within the Berymo apps, and the dates and times of user visits to particular Berymo partner places (if “Berymo Places”) or a chosen destination.
    • Call and Text Information. Berymo works with a third-party partner to facilitate phone calls and text messages between riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) who have been connected to use Berymo services. Berymo receives information about these communications including the date and time of the call or SMS message, the content of any SMS messages, and the parties’ phone numbers. For security purposes, Berymo may also monitor or record the contents of phone calls made on the Berymo apps; such as, those between riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”).
    • User Feedback. At Berymo, it is important that riders are consistently enjoying great rides and drivers are satisfied working for Berymo. To ensure this satisfaction riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) may rate and review each other at the end of every ride or transaction. Berymo receives ratings and review information and provides this information to our users and drivers, as further explained below.
    • Information from Cookies and Similar Technologies. Berymo collects information through the use of “cookies,” tracking pixels, and similar technologies to understand how users navigate through the Berymo apps. Cookies are small text files that web servers place on a device; they are designed to store necessary information and to help websites and apps recognize your browser. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. A session’s cookies disappear when the browser is closed or forced quit. A persistent cookie remains after a browser is closed and may be accessed every time a uses opens the Berymo apps. Users should consider modifying web browser(s) cookie settings. Please note that upon deleting or declining to accept cookies from Berymo, users may fail to receive notifications regarding specific features of the Berymo.

    C. Information We Collect from third-parties

    • Third-Party Partners. Berymo may receive additional information from third-party partners regarding its users; such as, demographic data, payment information, or fraud detection. Information received from third-party partners may be combined with other information that we have about you to provide better services.
    • Background Information on Drivers. Berymo, Inc. works with third-party partners to perform driving record and criminal background checks (national) on all Berymo, Inc. drivers (“Berymo” and “Berymo Places”). Berymo receives information from third-party partners such as publicly available information about driver’s driving record or criminal history.
    • Driving Behavior on Drivers. Berymo, Inc. works with third-party partners to track driver behavior such as driver’s speed, safety and reliability.

  3. How We Use the Information We Collect
    Berymo uses the information collected from all riders (“users”), drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) to:
    • Connect riders and drivers with partner places (if “Berymo Places”) relative to all users locations
    • Provide, improve, expand, and promote Berymo apps
    • Analyze how Riders use the Berymo Rider apps (“Berymo”and “Berymo Places”)
    • Analyze how Drivers use the Berymo Driver App
    • Analyze how Partner Places use the Partner Web Platform (if “Berymo Places”)
    • Communicate with users and drivers, either directly or through one of our partner places (restaurants, etc., included for marketing and promotional purposes) (if “Berymo Places”)
    • Send text messages and push notifications
    • Facilitate transactions and payments
    • Provide customer support
    • Find and prevent fraud
    • Respond to trust and safety issues that may arise; including auto incidents, disputes between riders and drivers, and requests from government authorities

    Additionally, Berymo uses the information collected from Drivers for the following purposes:
    • Sending emails and text messages to drivers regarding their driver application process
    • Determining a driver’s eligibility to work for Berymo
    • Driving inspection documents
    • Driver insurance documents
    • Notifying drivers about ride demand, pricing, and service updates

    Additionally, Berymo uses the information collected from Partner Places for the following purposes (if “Berymo Places”):
    • Sending emails and text messages to partner places who are expecting customers (“riders”) from drivers
    • Determining partner places eligibility to work with Berymo Places
    • Partner Places business license
    • Notifying partner places about ride demand, pricing, and service updates

  4. 4. How We Share the Information We Collect
    A. Sharing Between Riders and Drivers
    • Sharing Data between Riders and Drivers. Riders, drivers, and partner places that have been matched for a ride can view necessary information about each other; such as, names, photos, ratings, locations, physical address (partner places), and any additional information to publicly accessible on accounts that pertain to Berymo functionality. Drivers know the pick up location provided by the rider. Riders can access a driver’s vehicle information, and driver’s real-time location as the driver navigates and reaches the rider’s pickup location.

      Although we help riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) communicate with one another to arrange a pickup location, we do not share your actual phone number or other contact information with other Users. Berymo provides communicative assistance between riders, drivers, and partner places for the sole purpose of arranging a pick up location for our riders. Riders phone number and other contact information are not shared with other Berymo riders.

      When a rider reports a lost or found item, Berymo will seek to provide a source of reliable communication between the driver, rider and partner places. To best serve our riders, contact information will be shared amongst all three parties; riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”).

  5. 5. Sharing Between riders and third-parties
    • API and Integration Partners. If you connect to the Berymo apps through an integration with a third-party service, we may share information about your use of the Berymo apps with that third-party. We may also share your information with third-party partners to create offers that may be relevant to your interests.

      When a restaurant creates a partner places profile (if “Berymo Places”), it is the company’s responsibility to edit, update, or change information to better serve the riders. This includes any change of information such as hours of operation or days of operation. It is the restaurant's responsibility to update their business profile with new information.
    • Other Sharing. Berymo may share your information with third-parties in the following cases:
      • While negotiating or in relation to a change of corporate control such as restructuring, merger or sale of our assets.
      • If a government authority requests information and Berymo determines disclosure is required or appropriate to comply with laws, regulations, or legal processes.
      • With law enforcement officials, government authorities, or third-parties if we determine doing so is necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of the Berymo family (“riders”, “drivers”, “partner places”), Berymo, or the public.
      • To comply with a legal requirement or process, including but not limited to, civil and criminal subpoenas, court orders or other compulsory disclosures.
      • If you signed up for a promotion with another user’s referral or promotion code, with your referrer to let them know about your redemption of or qualification for the promotion.
    Berymo uses your personal data in an anonymised and aggregated form track which features of the Service are used most, to analyze usage patterns and to determine where we should focus our service. We may share this information with third parties.

  6. 6. Your Choices
    • Email Subscriptions. Riders can always unsubscribe from our commercial or promotional emails; however, Berymo will still send transactional and relational emails about account use of the Berymo apps.
    • Text Messages. Riders can opt in to receiving commercial or promotional text messages by texting the word ‘BERY’ to 77065 from the mobile device receiving the messages. You may also opt out of receiving all texts from Berymo (including transactional or relational messages) by texting the word ‘STOP’ to 77065 from the mobile device receiving the messages. However, opting out of receiving all texts may impact a rider’s use of Berymo. Drivers can also opt out of driver-specific messages by texting ‘STOP’ in response to a driver SMS. To re-enable texts, a rider can text ‘START’ in response to an unsubscribe confirmation SMS. Need to add in here that charges may apply to a mobile bill for the riders/drivers. Some users do not have unlimited texting which could potentially lead to a charge on their mobile account. Most companies who use a text messaging service disclose this information.
    • Push Notifications. Users, both riders and drivers, can opt out of receiving push notifications through device settings. Please note that opting out of receiving push notifications may impact the use of the Berymo (such as receiving information that your driver has arrived).
    • Profile Information. While a riders first name and last initial will, by default, be shared with drivers and partner places (if “Berymo Places”), riders have the option to delete any additional information added to a profile at any time, upon their discretion. Riders will always be able to see drivers’ names, rating, profile photos, and vehicle information.
    • Location Information. While a rider can prevent a device from sharing location information at any time through your device’s operating system settings; rider, driver and partner place (if “Berymo Places”) location is a crucial component to Berymo services. When a rider disables location information, Berymo is unable to provide services to the user.
    • Editing and Accessing Your Information. Riders can review and edit specific account information by logging in to their account and accessing account settings (drivers and partner places (if “Berymo Places”) may edit additional information through their portal’s account settings). If a rider would like to terminate a Berymo account, please contact Berymo through our Help Center and specify your request. If a rider decides to terminate an account, we will deactivate the account but may retain information from the account for a specified period of time and disclose it in a manner consistent with our practices under this Privacy Policy. We also may retain information from your account to collect any fees owed (if a rider fails to check in at a partner place) (if “Berymo Places”), resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, analyze usage of the Berymo apps, assist with any investigations, prevent fraud, enforce our Terms of Service, or take other actions as required or permitted by law.
    • Deleting your Account. To delete your account please open a ticket here or email us at ( After we delete your account, your account will be immediately deactivated. After 30 days of deleting the account, your account will be permanently deleted. Please be informed that Berymo may retain certain information about your account after the account deletion as required and permitted by law. If a rider reconsiders and decides to keep an account, a rider can sign in to the account before the 30 day permanent account deletion.

  7. 7. Other
    • Data Security. We are committed to protecting the data of the Berymo family. Even though we take reasonable precautions to protect a user’s data, no security measures are 100% guaranteed, and Berymo cannot guarantee the security of your data.
    • Children’s Privacy. Berymo apps are not directed for the use of children, and Berymo does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18. If Berymo detects that a child under 18 has disclosed their personal information, Berymo will delete that information, information regarding the account, and the account immediately. If a Berymo user believes that a child under the age of 18 has provided Berymo with personal information, please contact our Help Center immediately.
    • Berymo Code. (if “Berymo Places”). Berymo Code is an application primarily for the use of our partner places. Berymo code is an easy way for partner places (Restaurants, etc.) to track how many users check in at their establishment. Restaurant management can easily access and track information such as how many customers the restaurant received daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It is to the restaurant's management discretion which staff members can access this information. For security and confidential reasons, Berymo does not suggest this information is accessible to all restaurant staff members.
    • Changes to Our Privacy Policy. Berymo may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. If Berymo makes any substantial changes to the content in this Privacy Policy, Berymo will notify all users through the Berymo Places (application(s) and web), by email, or an alternative communication. We encourage all users; including riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”), to read this Privacy Policy periodically to stay up-to-date about our privacy practices. As long as you use Berymo apps, you agree to this Privacy Policy and any updates we make to it.
    • Contact Information. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, your personal information, our use and sharing practices, or your consent choices by contacting our Help Center.

    Berymo looks forward to providing all users; riders, drivers, and partner places (if “Berymo Places”), the most beneficial service possible.