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Why ride with Berymo Places

Berymo Places is the one and only free rideshare service that connects riders, drivers, and partner places. Pick one of our partner places on the app and request unlimited free rides.

Be there safe

Easily browse hundreds of our partner places in your city. Search through our partner places for a safe and hassle free rideshare experience.

Save money

Berymo Places is always free, saving you money so you can enjoy more of the moment at one of our partner places.

Save time

No need to spend your time searching for a place to park. Save time by requesting a free ride with Berymo Places.

Enjoy with friends

Going out with friends or want an extra person to tag along for the ride? With Berymo Places, you can easily add a friend to join you.

Absolutely free

Claim your free ride when you check in at one of our partner places. Our partner places will not increase their prices upon request of a free ride.

Return ride

At Berymo Places, we want to make sure you return from your desired destination safely. You can request a return ride by tipping your driver.

Verified drivers for safer rides

At Berymo we verify all of our drivers before they hit the road by running background checks, inspecting their vehicles and rating our drivers by checking their previous rides.

Background checks

Drivers must provide their social security number upon signing up. Berymo’s third party partners will run a national background check before gaining eligibility to drive.

Zero tolerance policy

To follow safety requirements, Berymo has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy for all drivers. Riders can easily report intoxicated drivers through our in-app function.

Emergency calling

If you are involved in an emergency, tap the Emergency button found on your driver app or call 911. We will notify local authorities immediately for your convenience.

Frequently asked questions from our riders

The Berymo Places app is a rideshare marketplace which connects riders and drivers to local places; such as, restaurants, pubs, bars, etc.

When you request ride with Berymo Places app, one of our drivers will pick you up, and transport you to one of our place for free.

When you arrive at your chosen place, the place will provide you a “Berymo Code”. Scan the code using your Berymo Places app and the system will let us know that you have successfully check in to the place.

Please don’t forget to check-in! If you fail to check-in, you may be charged no show fee.

After you check-in at the partner place, you will have the option to request a return ride by tipping your driver.

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