Effective: September 10, 2019

Berymo Places is committed to providing safe rides for everyone and transporting individuals with disabilities safely to their destination through innovative technologies and solution-oriented customer service.

With ride requests at your fingertips, fare transparency, paperless payments and our inclusive service animal policy, Berymo Places transports its users with security and confidence to the best local restaurants.

Request a ride with a tap: Users with disabilities can request unlimited free rides with a tap of a button.

Fare transparency: Berymo Places will offer unlimited free rides to its users and it will always be free. Users will not have to worry about getting the fare changed on them unexpectedly.

Paperless payments: Users can add their bank information and the transaction will be completed automatically so users don’t have to exchange cash with their driver.

Service Animals: Berymo Places Drivers are obligated to accept service animals on their rides and are periodically given information about their legal responsibility to transport users with service animals. This information can be found in our Terms of Use.

To a report a service animal denial, submit a ticket here.

The Berymo Places app offers complete functionality to those with hearing or vision impairments. By utilizing audible, tactile and visual alerts, users with impairments can easily navigate around the platform and their city alike with ease.

Audible: The Berymo Places App has built in sounds to alert riders of when they have been matched with a driver and when their driver has arrived at the confirmed pickup location.

Tactile: The Berymo Places App vibrates when important transportation checkpoints have been reached to provide another level of awareness to users

Visual: The Berymo Places App offers easy user interface so riders can easily enter their desired pickup and partner place locations, track the progress of their trip and much more

Berymo Places is devoted to improving its in-app functions for its users and continuing to provide the best possible user experience for all.