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Frequently asked questions from our riders

Berymo is the most affordable rideshare service that transports you anywhere in your city with a flat fee. Pick your destination on the app and only pay a $5.95 flat fee.

Open your app and enter your destination in the "Where are you going?

Tap 'CONFIRM PICKUP LOCATION'. You can change your pickup location by tapping on the “search” icon.

Tap “1” if you are riding alone. You will have the option to add a friend to your ride (total of 2 people).

To add a friend to the ride, tap “2”.

Unlike other ridesharing companies, we don’t charge you per mile or minute, you will be charged a flat fee to ride anywhere in your city as long as your dropoff location is in 8 miles radius of your pickup location. This flat fee will cover the cost of transportation and guarantee drivers are earning enough.

We charge $5.95 if you are requesting Berymo in your city

Fees may change based on your city and location.

Affordable rides are just tap away

Get affordable rides anywhere in your city and pay only $5.95 flat fee

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